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We've moved!



Tuesday 7 September 2021

September 1st marked an important moment for Crest. After three eventful years at Gilmoora House in Oxford Circus, it was time for a change. We packed our pedestals and headed east - to a new office in the hustle and bustle of Shoreditch.

During the last 18 months our business has grown substantially - and our team has expanded too. We've welcomed an array of newcomers, from interns to strategy and insight managers; university students to civil service fast streamers; and Police Now graduates to Unlocked prison officers. Some have joined us for the long-run, others to gain experience on short-term placements. It all meant we needed a bit more space…

In fact, our office at Gilmoora House had been nearing max-capacity even before the growth-spurt. There’d been chatter about moving at the start of 2020 but the plans were cut short due to the pandemic. Working from home became mandatory and when we could visit the office, social distancing meant numbers were limited.

This summer, however, as restrictions ended, the search for a bigger space could begin in earnest…. and it has led us to 2 Bath Place, just off Rivington Street.

City University student Abdalla Al-Amoudi kindly accepted an extension to his time with us to help with the move

Our new office has room for the whole team and more, with space for up to 30 desks, as well as a selection of meeting rooms. Downstairs, there's a café-inspired communal kitchen... with a ping-pong table.

Maddie and Danny testing out the ping-pong table

Bath Place is a five-minute walk from Old Street station, close to Shoreditch High Street. We're spoilt for choice when it comes to after-work activities, surrounded by dozens of pubs, restaurants and outdoor terraces. The Bricklayers Arms has already had top reviews from the team...!

As we slowly ease back into the new normal, we look forward to welcoming more fresh faces into our brand new office space.


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