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We’re a purpose-driven team of experts dedicated to improving justice, policing and public safety.

We do this through:


Our in-house think tank

Our consulting practice

Our inquiries and reviews practice


Our team identifies and helps solve complex problems arising from crime, vulnerability and other social harms. 


We’re subject matter experts, and many of us have previously worked at the organisations and in the sectors we now serve. 


We bring expertise, real-world experience and a powerful sense of purpose to our mission - to make communities safer.

Our values


We are all experts and give informed, clear advice.


We are optimistic and see the opportunity in every situation


We are loyal and look after each other, our clients and our partners.

Chief Executive, 
Office of Police and Crime Commissioner

“They’re a passionate team and an organisation that borrows from a range of disciplines and experience. They celebrate their people - and for good reason. They’re credible experts, but they don’t flaunt this. They provide reasons and hear out new ideas, and they don’t overpromise.”

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