About us

Crest: equal parts, research, strategy and communication.


Founded in 2011, we are a team of crime and justice specialists. From police forces to public inquiries, from tech companies to devolved authorities, all these organisations (and more) have their own part to play in building a safer, more secure society. As the UK’s only consultancy with this focus, we’re as much of a blend as the crime and justice sector itself.

We research the issues at hand - whether that’s to get a clearer picture of national or local trends, or to dig into an organisation’s data or audiences.


We consult with these organisations to model their demand, assess their performance or understand their policy landscape - then we take all this information and turn it into straightforward strategy.


We communicate this information clearly - to the sector, to media, to the public. In reports, in statements or in times of tough scrutiny.

Our values

At Crest we work as a team, believing in our values and using them to deliver outstanding results for our clients.


We are all experts and give informed, clear advice


We are optimistic and see the opportunity in every situation


We test convention, assumptions and outdated ways of working


We are loyal, kind and look after each other, our partners and our clients

Our people

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