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About us

Crest: equal parts, research, strategy and communication.

Crest Advisory is the UK’s leading criminal justice strategy and communications consultancy. Our team are experts in performance, governance, policy and communications, and have unparalleled experience in applying these skills to help organisations in the public and private sector function more effectively. We work across the policing, justice and public safety sectors, for local and central government, for police and crime commissioners, criminal justice agencies and charities. We also support statutory and non-statutory public inquiries, arms-length bodies and major independent reviews.

We research the issues at hand - whether that’s to get a clearer picture of national or local trends, or to dig into an organisation’s data or audiences.


We consult with these organisations to model their demand, assess their performance or understand their policy landscape - then we take all this information and turn it into straightforward strategy.


We communicate this information clearly - to the sector, to media, to the public. In reports, in statements or in times of tough scrutiny.

Our values

At Crest we work as a team, believing in our values and using them to deliver outstanding results for our clients.


We are all experts and give informed, clear advice


We are optimistic and see the opportunity in every situation


We test convention, assumptions and outdated ways of working


We are loyal, kind and look after each other, our partners and our clients


Our expertise


We know the power of data and its potential to help the justice system to develop better strategies, to measure performance and to drive accountability. From modelling police demand or building multi-agency dashboards, to diving deep into operational data to troubleshoot tricky challenges, our analysis gets answers you can trust and insights you can act on.


Whether you’re reforming a justice service or planning a new one, adapting to circumstances or seeking to change them, the right strategy is key to success. From police and crime plans and youth justice reform to violence reduction and devolution, we help clients to clarify their objectives and determine the best way to achieve them.


Funded by trusts and charitable foundations, we research the big issues affecting crime and justice and develop evidence-based policy on behalf of the sector. Our approach is collaborative, with an emphasis on stakeholder engagement to ensure our recommendations are practical. We believe that taking a whole system approach and devolving power to local communities can help to build a safer society.


We help clients bring their strategies and plans to life through evidence-based scripts and narratives which resonate with audiences they want to influence and stand up to the toughest scrutiny. Using quantitative and qualitative research, collaborative workshops and our own sector insight and experience, we blend the winning arguments and positive proof points to create compelling key messages.


Getting a fair hearing is key to building trust and confidence in an organisations work. From public inquiries and inquests to tech companies and PCCs, we help clients communicate with stakeholders, customers and the public, by advising leadership teams on strategy and issues, by tracking media and online narratives, and by providing a flexible press office capacity and training.

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