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Welcome to our newest team members



Friday 24 November 2023

L-R: Tara De Klerk, Jamie King, Anushka Ranade, Sam Craigie, Hodan Jama

Over the last three years, the Crest team has more than doubled in size - from 23 staff in 2020 to 49 as we near the end of 2023. People join us at different stages of their careers - and there are a lot of routes, particularly if you’re starting out or looking to try something a bit different.

One of the most successful ways people join us is through our internship programme, which is for people starting their careers who are interested in crime and justice and want to learn more about it.

We take interns seriously at Crest - we pay them the London living wage and invest in their development. We involve them in all aspects of the business from day one, including client work across our three practices - consulting, insights and inquiries. Interns who complete the 6-month programme are then offered a full-time role as a junior analyst.

The best measure of our programme’s success since we started it in 2019 is that 11 of our current analysts, senior analysts and managers started at Crest as interns.

This autumn we’ve welcomed four new interns: Tara De Klerk, Jamie King and Anushka Ranade, and Sam Craigie.

Like all our interns, they’re getting the opportunity to work alongside staff at all levels of the business - from analysts to executive directors.

Tara recently completed an MSc in Crisis and Security Management at Leiden University and was previously an assistant analyst at the Hague Centre of Strategic Studies.

Jamie was in full-time secondary education, and next year will begin an English degree at University College London.

Anushka has joined Crest part-time whilst she completes her Bachelor's degree in Crime and Security Science at University College London.

And Sam studied History at Queen Mary, University of London, writing for the student magazine, particularly focussing on racism in the music industry.

As you can see, they’re at different stages of their education and careers and have studied different subjects. But they’ve got one thing in common - an interest in crime and justice issues.

Another route into Crest is via our partnership with the civil service. We offer fast-stream civil servants 6-month placements, giving them the opportunity to experience a working environment that combines commercial agility with a public sector ethos and focus.

Our latest fast-streamer is Hodan Jama, who is in her second year at the civil service and previously worked in the Home Office at the Home Secretary’s Implementation Unit after a spell at the Ministry of Justice working on youth custody. While with us, Hodan will work on a research project, funded by the Hadley Trust, aiming to gather evidence on how trauma-informed approaches are understood and applied across the different stages of the youth justice system.

You can find out more about our new recruits and the rest of the Crest team here.

If you’re interested in joining us, send your CV to and we will let you know about our next recruitment round. And if you want to know more about our work visit


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