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Warm welcomes and fond farewells as we step into 2022



Tuesday 8 February 2022

Left to right: Shayon Lynch (top), Amber Evans (bottom), Marta Czyz, Kate Harmer, Fryni Kostara

The end of the year saw a number of staff changes to Crest as we welcomed two new starters - but said goodbye to three valued members of the team

Shayon Lynch is Crest's new Office Manager, helping to ensure the business runs smoothly. Her wide-ranging role also includes dealing with personnel issues and IT. Shayon brings extensive experience from the corporate sector, having worked in over 50 companies as an elite receptionist. Her most recent job was at a major multinational investment bank.

Shayon says:

I am really excited to join Crest in their prime as the team grows and progresses. We have a lot of new starters and I can’t wait to see how they shape and impact the crime and justice sector with their dedicated work.

Amber Evans joins us as a Senior Analyst, leading qualitative and quantitative research work across a series of projects. Amber’s professional interests include early intervention to improve outcomes for young people and supporting vulnerable groups at risk of exploitation. Before joining Crest, Amber worked at the Behavioural Insights Team on children’s social care, education, early intervention, public health and tackling the spread of COVID-19.

Amber says:

I’m looking forward to building up my skills in crime and justice policy and focusing on new topic areas, such as stop-and-search and disproportionality. The team has been so welcoming and I’m really excited to work with such a passionate group of people

We also have had to say our farewells to three team members.

Marta Czyz, our former Office Manager, has left Crest to pursue a career in human resources. During her time with us, Marta played an integral role in Crest's day-to-day operations. In 2020, after we were plunged into mandatory home working due to the pandemic, Marta managed the switch to a completely virtual office. She later organised the office move from Gilmoora House to Bath Place, and single-handedly trained every new starter (and there were a lot of them!) to get them up to speed with life at Crest. She will be sorely missed.

Analyst Fryni Kostara was an asset to the Strategy and Insight team, bringing her experience in research, analysis and criminology to a range of projects. Fryni worked on strategic needs assessments, developed policy papers and led on independent evaluations. Fryni’s new job represents a return to her roots - working in government as a social researcher for the Ministry of Justice.

Finally, we have waved goodbye to Kate Harmer, our Digital Marketing Manager. Kate oversaw the development in 2019 of our current website, gave invaluable advice on the use of social media and played a vital role in the publication of our influential reports. Having worked as a freelance marketing professional for a number of years, Kate will now be leading marketing strategy at a finance start-up.

Best of luck to Kate, Fryni and Marta.


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