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Jessica Lumley

Strategy and Insight Manager

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As Strategy and Insight Manager, Jessica is responsible for shaping analyses of both qualitative and quantitative data. She uses her experience to lead Strategy and Insight projects for a range of stakeholders.


In her first role, working in Geopolitics and International Security, she provided policy advisory services and geopolitical risk analysis for clients based in the Middle East and North Africa.


Most recently, Jessica worked as an Intelligence Analyst within the Serious and Organised Crime team at The Metropolitan Police. Here, she developed strategic analyses of covert and open source intelligence streams to reduce threat, risk, and harm to diverse communities.


Jessica has an MSc in Politics from the University of Oxford. Her thesis, for which she received a First, traced the evolution of the Doctrine of Humanitarian Intervention. In her spare time, Jessica volunteers at a local food bank and soup kitchen in east London.

Key achievements

  • Provided legal and strategic analysis for an International Investment Dispute case (International Law and Policy Advisory organisation)

  • Developed a specialism in cross-border Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking Organised Crime Groups, illicit commodity markets, and county lines networks (Met Police)

  • Developed and piloted a new methodological approach to local Serious and Organised Crime profiles in London, which was rolled out across the Metropolitan Police Service. The findings were presented at a MOPAC Promoting Analytical Insight Conference (Met Police)

  • Selected by a panel for a Recognition Award. This was for work on a case of historic child abuse, which brought to attention evidence previously missed (Met Police)


  • Dawes Trust research project on the Drivers of Serious Violence, beginning with Vulnerabilities as a driver

  • Modelling Police Demand Post-COVID.

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