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Isabella Ross
Junior Analyst


Isabella is a junior analyst at Crest, where she supports qualitative and quantitative analysis for research and consultancy projects. She recently graduated from University College London with a BA in Politics, Sociology and East European Studies, where she wrote her dissertation analysing the sociopolitical experiences of cannabis users under criminalisation, medicalisation, or decriminalisation policies of cannabis in three Eastern European countries. 

Throughout university, Isabella worked as a writer and researcher for a drug policy reform think tank, social media manager, and volunteered to deliver harm reduction information and resources to students at universities across the UK. 

In her free time, she loves going to gigs around London, relentlessly providing film and TV recommendations to friends and family, and reading about sexuality or Eastern European city design. 




  • Awarded a placement on the UCL Dean’s List 2022 for the Faculty of Social and Historical Sciences

  • Involved in research commissioned by the Mayor of London to investigate cannabis policy in London 

  • Keynote speaker at Students for Sensible Drug Policy’s International Conference

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