Callyane Desroches

Strategy and Insight Manager

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A skilled and creative analyst, Callyane uses quantitative data to improve the performance of agencies and systems and to evaluate the effectiveness of interventions. She believes that solutions to many of the challenges in the criminal justice system lie in better interpretation of information; she enjoys combining data and analysis to build up an accurate picture of how the system is working, as well as new ideas about how it might work better.


Callyane is passionate about developing our understanding of how systems work and her Masters in Geopolitics and Security from King’s College, London, has further developed her appreciation of how policy and politics need to work together. 


Before joining Crest, Callyane worked for the Police Foundation, researching sexual exploitation in England, as well as for the charity Only Connect where she helped develop a project to use the arts to support young people at risk of re-entry into the criminal justice system.

Key achievements

  • Led demand and performance analysis of criminal justice services for Police and Crime Commissioners and local criminal justice boards.

  • Evaluated Prevent projects in partnership with Manchester Metropolitan University for the Office for Security and Counter Terrorism.

  • Awarded the Meldrum Prize by the University of Oxford for her research on Indigenous Political Resistance Strategies in 2013.