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MOPAC Victims Strategic Needs Assessment

Consulting Report


Friday 25th March 2022


The Mayor’s Office for Policing and Crime (MOPAC) has published the biggest ever review of victims services in London. We are proud to say it was delivered and produced by Crest, in partnership with Gate One.

Our research found that the victims services commissioned by MOPAC help victims to cope and recover. Specialist services, for example, provide victims with choice and access to bespoke specialist support where that is required.

However, the number and severity of cases in the criminal justice system is on the rise, placing growing demands on support services. Matching service provision to increasing demand is a key issue: at the moment, services support only a very small proportion of the victimised population in London.

Our report maps out a victim’s journey through the justice system, showing how issues with access and communication create confusion and loneliness, triggering mental health problems.

The research shows that a standardised 'one size fits all' approach towards victims will not be sufficient to meet the changing demands and needs of victims, nor respond to future changes in policy as a result of the anticipated Victims' Law.

MOPAC should nurture, develop and sustain the patchwork of specialist service provision in London that operates from the community to the regional level.


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