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Project: Measuring the effectiveness of criminal justice systems

Project team: Ellie Covell, Strategy and Insight Manager

Wednesday 24 April 2019

See how your area compares to others across the criminal justice system in our new performance report. You can download an interactive version of the report* which allows you to quickly see how your police force is performing across a range of metrics, and easily benchmark your performance against the national average and other police forces with similar socio-demographic characteristics to your police force area.

*Please note: The report is only compatible with PowerPoint version 16.0 or later.

Crest’s Interactive Performance Tool


Police and Crime Commissioners and Local Criminal Justice Boards have an important role to play in holding local agencies to account and in encouraging them to work together to deliver improved local criminal justice systems.

We are working with Police and Crime Commissioners (PCCs) on this project (funded by The Hadley Trust) to measure the effectiveness of local criminal justice systems, developing tailored performance frameworks to help PCCs hold local agencies to account on specific issues.

In the first phase of the project our team devised a framework for measuring performance taking into account key aspects of criminal justice including prevention, sentencing, rehabilitation and victim engagement. We have used this framework to analyse and compare performance in Police Force Areas across England in our report.

In the second phase of the project we worked with PCCs in Northumbria, Cleveland, Durham, Humberside and Surrey on key performance issues. This work is set out as case studies in the performance report, and you can see testimonials from the PCCs involved below.

We are currently working on the third phase of this project, and are looking for 5 new PCCs to work with. If you are interested in learning more about performance in your area please get in touch with Policy Manager, Ellie Covell.


"Crest have provided us with insightful products that highlight our criminal justice performance with real clarity. The reports are very user friendly, with interesting charts and diagrams that aid the readers understanding of the content."

Surrey OPCC

"The final report was both relevant to the local area and the wider partnership approach. The report was presented in a way which has engaged both ours and partners attention and the workshop which they facilitated has helped us to focus our priority work areas going forward."

Durham and Cleveland OPCCs

"Our thanks to Crest for helping us achieve clarity in what we need to do to ensure we are successful in our aim to reduce victim and witness attrition at court (non-attendance) and improve their experience of the criminal justice system in Northumbria."

Northumbria OPCC


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