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Crest in Conversation: Neil Basu – Reflections on Policing



Tuesday 28th February 2023


After 30 years at the Metropolitan Police, there are few people better qualified than Neil Basu to comment on the travails of the UK’s biggest force, the wider impact on trust and confidence in policing and ways of addressing deficiencies in leadership.

As one of the country’s most senior ethnic minority officers, before retiring in November 2022, Neil was a role model - leading efforts to bolster diversity in the service and improve the way it dealt with Black and Asian communities. He also made a valuable contribution to Crest Advisory’s recent report on stop-and-search which called for a national taskforce to be set up to change the way the powers are used.

In a special interview with Crest Senior Associate Danny Shaw, the Met’s former Assistant Commissioner talks about tackling racism, the importance of neighbourhood policing - and the unprecedented challenges facing the service.


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