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Sarah Hibbert


As part of the Strategy and Insights team, Sarah carries out analytical research for a variety of research and consultancy projects. Sarah's research interests include studying the impact of illicit drug markets, child criminal exploitation (CCE) and county lines. 

Before joining Crest, Sarah worked with Black Box research and consultancy on county lines and on a critical assessment of the UK government’s ten year drugs strategy. 


Sarah holds both an undergraduate and masters degree in Criminology from the University of Manchester. In 2019 she took part in the Learning Together programme where she studied alongside incarcerated students. 

Key achievements:


  • Received an award for the highest graded dissertation for undergraduate Criminology at the University of Manchester. Her dissertation focused on how practitioners understand vulnerability in illicit drug markets, under the County Lines narrative, and the suitability of current policies under the current profiling of illicit drug market actors. 


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