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Roderick Brenninkmeijer

Chief Financial Officer


Rod manages Crest’s financial operations and oversees HR, contracts and office management. Before joining, Rod was director for a major European retail company working to improve organisational culture.


Rod joined the company in September 2014 and uses his experience as a director for a major retail company to ensure Crest operates effectively across our diverse client portfolio.


Roderick’s sharp business sense along with his professional and perceptive manner ensures our clients feel secure in their relationship with Crest, particularly when dealing with sensitive issues. He is fluent in English, Dutch and German and understands international business and client needs. An avid traveller, outdoor sportsman and father of two, Roderick believes in empowering people to make change.

Key achievements​

  • Improved global business partnerships for Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia as director of retail clothing company C&A.

  • Strengthened the organisational culture for Dutch talent company Lagerweij & Partners.

  • Provided strategic advice to professionals in Switzerland.

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