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The Parole Board: Strategic communications and messaging

After a period of intense scrutiny, the Parole Board was determined to move forward with a new business strategy which included a commitment to increasing understanding of the organisation, its role and how it made decisions on whether or not to release offenders.

Recognising the importance of communications to this process, but with a small in-house team, the Board sought help from Crest to develop a new strategic approach which would strengthen trust and confidence in its work, deliver greater transparency and support engagement with key internal and external stakeholders.

The solution


We worked closely with the Board’s senior communications team to understand the challenge and determine how best to make rapid progress. Through close liaison with the internal team, we co-created a project to refresh the Board’s communications strategy and messaging. We delivered a high impact one day messaging workshop for the chief executive and senior leadership team, using our bespoke tool to create a core script, establish the defining arguments and identify the key proof points. Facilitated by Crest, this workshop provided the Board’s leadership with the opportunity to explore different themes, to discuss concerns and to determine how best to define and explain the importance of its work.

The results


The Parole Board communications team now has a robust messaging framework with buy-in from the organisations leadership. Practical outputs from the project include a set of agreed messages with positive supporting evidence and examples of best practice from across the organisation and a slide-deck for internal dissemination and briefing of stakeholders.


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