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Saying goodbye to Sam



Friday 2 October 2020

Last week Crest said goodbye to Sam Fuller, a student in International Business at Loughborough University. Here, he talks about his three months' work experience.

In July of this year, I was lucky enough to join Crest Advisory for work experience. It was initially for one month, but I was really pleased when it was extended to three months.

Although visits to the office had to be limited because of the pandemic, I was immediately made welcome by the whole team. I was able to join calls on current projects and make use of Slack to stay connected with everyone.

My work experience has enabled me to meet so many amazing people and develop plenty of skills. The team are working on some incredibly interesting projects, and I was so grateful to be able to get involved in many of them. To be able to support the work on the Manchester Arena Bombing Inquiry and Grenfell Tower Inquiry has been fascinating, even though the subject matter is so tragic.

It hasn’t all been work either. Despite the challenges presented by Covid, there have been some great social events, including my leaving do and several Zoom quizzes!

I go back to university next week with mixed feelings. I am excited, but I’ll really miss Crest. I’ve learnt so much, worked with such fun, talented people and been involved in some amazing projects. I’ll definitely keep in touch and will hopefully be back!


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