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Public inquiries and independent reviews

The challenge


Public inquiries and independent reviews have to build trust and confidence in their work among audiences who may be sceptical, vulnerable or traumatised. Following the evidence while demonstrating empathy, and making rapid progress without compromising on rigour can be extremely challenging - especially in the full glare of publicity and intense scrutiny from stakeholders and media.

Our support


We work with reviews and inquiries from their set up and launch, through evidence gathering and analysis to report writing and publication. Our team has worked for 7 statutory and non-statutory public inquiries since 2015 examining incidents and issues relating to police misconduct, terrorism, public safety, sexual abuse and public health. In addition, we have provided secretariat support to a major independent review into a high profile critical incident which attracted international publicity.

Further details of our experience and support may be provided on request, subject to client confidentiality.


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