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Intern James Stewart looks back at his time with us

Friday 26 June 2020

James joined Crest in February as an intern, looking to gain varied experience as an analyst.

During his time with us he was able to develop and expand his many skills, whilst continuing to support the wider team. From literature reviews to slide decks, analysis to interviews, James's work was spread across a variety of different projects, including the National Crime Lab work with Number 10 and the ESRC, co-producing a bid for CASS+ and examining the effectiveness of the criminal justice system in the North West.

One key takeaway from his experience will be his role in the process of developing an options paper. “I was able to get hands-on experience of seeing a project develop from start to finish, and I got to learn from senior members of the team and communicate with senior stakeholders from across the criminal justice system – something I don’t think I would’ve experienced elsewhere. This exposed me to a range of views on the criminal justice system across England and Wales.”

Considering his proudest achievement at Crest, James said it was having the opportunity to conduct analysis of published statistics to understand how effectively the criminal justice system is operating in the North West. “I felt like the work I was doing was important and making a difference”.

We wish James all the best in his future!


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