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Goodbye, Sophie du Mont!

Tuesday 31 March 2020

Sophie du Mont joined Crest in 2014 as one of our very first interns. At the end of February, after almost 6 years, we said goodbye and wished her all the best for her new role as Senior Advisor in the Cabinet Office.

After studying History and Spanish at Durham University, Sophie got involved in policy work with a small Colombian NGO specialising in enhancing transparency in the petroleum sector. This, along with previous work experience in law and justice, galvanised Sophie’s interest in policy and the criminal justice system. Whilst considering what she wanted to do after graduating, Sophie came across Crest - an organisation that was a great fit for her background and desired career progression.

After starting as an intern, Sophie spent two years as an Analyst and was eventually promoted to Strategy and Delivery Manager. In this role, she managed a range of projects across different policy areas. This included research, report writing and supporting clients to develop policy insights. Some of Sophie's notable projects include: Community sentences: where did it all go wrong? and, more recently, Understanding what is driving serious violence: drugs.

“Thinking about our day-to-day role, you might not think you have a massive impact. Yet, we’re making recommendations that will hopefully impact people’s lives and make people safer.”

Ultimately, Sophie hopes to drive change wherever she can in her career, challenging pre-existing conceptions of how things should be done.

While there's no doubt Sophie has made a significant contribution to Crest, she says that her favourite thing about working with us has been the people.

“Everyone’s very supportive and friendly, and it’s just been a lot of fun. I’ve gone to a lot of weird and wonderful places throughout the country and done some really challenging work but it’s always been a good time.”

As Sophie begins her new role as Senior Advisor in the Cabinet Office, we can only thank her for the time and energy she has put into working with us. We wish you all the best, Sophie!


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