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We're officially a living wage employer

Thursday 12 April 2018

The living wage is worked out differently to the national minimum wage and is based on an independent calculation of what people actually need to earn to get by. From the start of April 2018 at Crest this means we pay everyone, including our interns, at least £10.20 per hour.

Why Crest supports the living wage


Getting your foot on the career ladder can be a challenging business. For those of us who started our careers in the 1990s or early 2000s, getting into your chosen industry probably meant a stint of unpaid employment, with all the financial sacrifices that entailed, whether that was sleeping on the floor of a friend’s flat who lived in London or Manchester, or working the hard night shift in a bar to afford the ‘luxury’ of unpaid office employment.

Students increasingly say that they want to work for a living wage employer, and almost two thirds report they couldn’t afford to take an unpaid internship in London. Employers on the lookout for the best talent need the courage to provide the financial support to ensure they recruit the best.

Crest have always paid our interns the living wage because we want to make sure we recruit the best people to join our team. Our commitment has now been formally acknowledged by the Living Wage Foundation. The full list of companies with living wage status is here.


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