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Community engagement and policing: a review of Cheshire Constabulary’s community engagement

Tuesday 1 May 2018

Cheshire Constabulary is dedicated to its vision “to make Cheshire the safest place in the country, and be a police force here for you when it matters, where it matters”. As part of their commitment to this, the Constabulary asked Crest to identify the information they needed to continue supporting Local Policing Units (LPUs) in policing, and engaging effectively with their communities.

The solution


Crest spent three months reviewing the force’s community engagement strategies, plans and tactics. This included understanding how engagement was structured at a force level, and engaging with officers of various rank and role to discern the realities of, and appetite for, effective local level engagement across the organisation through direct consultation and structured focus groups. Quantitative analysis was carried out of local demographic data and crossed against police recorded data to understand the communities being served, and an index of the information the force held about engagement was collated.

The results


Crest’s team of community intelligence experts presented the findings to senior members of staff and provided a comprehensive report of recommendations to the force. This included highlighting the specific groups in different areas that were underrepresented in existing engagement activities, and suggesting methods for how officers could better engage with them. The report identified areas of existing good practice across the force which could be replicated and built upon, and provided tools and tips for best practice to help LPUs engage more effectively with their communities.

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