Joshua Kamps

Data Scientist


Josh is Crest’s data scientist, specialising in quantitative research and data analysis.


With a background in computer science and an MSc in Crime Science, Josh seeks to better inform decision-making through uncovering evidence in data. Josh is currently a PhD student in the Department of Security and Crime Science at UCL where he is concentrating on emerging crime types from a computational perspective, with a focus on cryptocurrency fraud. 


In his spare time Josh enjoys reading, cooking, and writing.

Key achievements

  • Published one of the first papers outlining cryptocurrency pump-and-dump schemes, highlighting the issue and proposing a computational method for detection.

  • Presented a selection of his research as a talk given at a Crypto Fraud Sandpit to people in industry, policy, and law enforcement.

  • Is authoring a forthcoming book chapter on cryptocurrency fraud, detailing the current state of the ecosystem and how it may develop.