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Crest Inquiries

We’re the trusted delivery partner for public inquiries and independent reviews

From statutory and non-statutory inquiries to independent reviews of high profile incidents or organisations, our expertise and experience is tried, tested and trusted.

“They’re genuinely interested in the project... they’re emotionally intelligent. They think: 'Who are the people involved… what do they need?' It doesn’t feel like we’re doing business... it feels like a mission - a shared mission we have.”

- Director of Operations, UK public inquiry

High expectations and low trust. Intense scrutiny and scarce resources.

Public inquiries and independent reviews have to deliver in a tough operating environment. We recognise the challenges and understand the success factors, because we've been there too.

Forming a cohesive, visibly independent and multi-disciplinary team at pace

Delivering timely and focused engagement with victims, survivors and other stakeholders

Accessing specialist resources, and capabilities while remaining independent

Acting with empathy while remaining, impartial, evidence-led and rigorous

Communicating complex information with confidence and clarity

Whatever your challenges, we’re ready to share them.


"The service from Crest is agile and the team responds to changing events with confidence and professionalism. They deliver a high quality service, are reliable on all aspects of delivery and have deep knowledge and expertise around inquiries.”

- Secretary, UK public inquiry

How we work with inquiries and reviews

We help Chairs and Secretaries and their legal teams to build trust and confidence in their work and to deliver their terms of reference.

We do this on a flexible 'plug in' basis - or by providing an end-to-end service, depending on circumstances and need.

Our services cover all stages of an inquiry or review, from initial set up to report writing and publication and include:

 Engagement and consultation with stakeholders 

 Prioritisation and planning of work 

 Procurement and logistics 

 Research and analysis 

 Communication and digital 

 Hearings and commemoration support 

 Report writing and publication 

Because we're part of Crest Advisory, we're able to draw on a wider range of expertise in policy and safeguarding from our consulting practice and independent think tank.

Whatever is needed, whatever the stage of an inquiry or review, we can flex to provide the tailored, experienced support you need.

"Crest takes time to understand the whole picture in order to give the best possible advice. The consistency of both advice and people helps to embed that feeling of partnership - and that continues long after the end of the formal contract.”

- Secretary, UK public inquiry

Our expertise

Our experts take pride in their specialism and we sure our teams have the skills and knowledge they need to be trusted ambassadors for clients. 


We invest in regular training on trauma, anxiety and other mental health issues by NHS psychologists who provide support to inquiries and communities following major incidents.


We conduct research into what the public expects from the inquiries carried out in its name and share our learning with stakeholders across the sector.

Our experience


Our practice leads

Jon Clements


Jon has led Crest’s support to the Grenfell Tower Inquiry (2017-), the UK Covid-19 Inquiry (2022-), and the Undercover Policing Inquiry (2016-2019) and led the independent review by Baroness Casey of Blackstock into disorder at Wembley Stadium during the Euro 2020 final (2021) on behalf of the English Football Association.

Charlotte Phillips


Charlotte has led Crest’s support to the Manchester Arena Inquiry (2018-), the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse (2015-2017), and the Essex Mental Health Independent Inquiry (2021-), and managed publication of the Casey Review of Standards and Culture at the Metropolitan Police (2023).

For more information about our inquiries and reviews practice please email:

“Crest has made things happen for us and their ability to increase public awareness of our work and therefore engagement is what has made the difference. They are experts in this space”

- Secretary, non-statutory inquiry

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