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Current projects

We are funded by a number of charitable foundations and trusts to develop new analysis and policy on behalf of the crime and justice sector. We use this funding to collaborate on research with public bodies, charities and other organisations, providing them with insights into their data which deepen our understanding of the issue as a whole. For more information about our current projects, see below. If you'd like to get in touch, you can contact us here or email Thank you.

Current projects

Stop and Search: The Evidence


Crest is seeking to address the research gap in the use of stop and search powers specifically examining attitudes towards their use within Black communities.

Cutting the Head off the Snake – Disrupting County Lines

Crest Advisory and Forensic Analytics are working together on a new research project about the role played by technology in the criminal exploitation of children involved in ‘county lines’ drug gangs.

Joined Up Justice

In partnership with CGI, we are exploring the potential for digital solutions to make criminal justice system processes more efficient and improve the experience for those involved.

County Lines: Breaking the Cycle

This project widens the focus onto all young people involved in county drug lines, addressing two of the most significant challenges facing police forces and their local authority partners.

Past projects
Maternal Imprisonment

Researching the experience of mothers in the prison system and the wider impacts and costs of maternal imprisonment.

COVID-19 and the criminal justice system

Crest is undertaking new research to understand how COVID-19 is impacting the criminal justice system. 

Policing extremism

There is widespread consensus that extremism is a growing problem in our society.

Landscape statue of justice in bottom le
Measuring the effectiveness of criminal justice systems

We are working with PCCs on this project to measure the effectiveness of local criminal justice systems, developing tailored performance frameworks to help PCCs hold local agencies to account on specific issues.

Policing the Covid-19 pandemic

Crest and the Police Foundation are undertaking new research into how policing has coped with Covid-19. 

County Lines and Looked After Children

Crest is researching the criminal exploitation of looked after children in two police force areas. 

Serious Violence Research

Crest is running a two-year programme of work examining the underlying causes and drivers of serious violence.

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